Cuthbert – Clinker Open Launch

With a smart blue livery and varnished mahogany decks Cuthbert is the perfect "ratty and mole" launch for the traditionalist.

Cuthbert is a charming 12ft clinker launch with good seating and amazing attention to detail. She would be ideal for participating in classic boating events as she is easy to trail. I particularly like the hood which keeps the passengers and the skipper dry in all weathers.

The following has been completed during current ownership


1. The topsides have been totally stripped down and repainted.
2. Two bronze screw bungs have been put in planks aft, so that there is now a way of draining the bilges when she is cleaned.

1. A bilge pump has been fitted with bronze skin fitting in the transom and a ball valve.  The pump is operated by a bicycle type battery housed in its own box fixed to the port side of the engine box.  The pump can either be set to automatic, this being controlled by a float switch in the bilges, or it can be operated manually with a rocker switch.  The battery can either be trickle charged from the mains or solar panel.

1. This was replaced with a Torqeedo outboard, onboard charger and battery in forward locker. The Stuart Turner was removed and the flooring replaced so there is now more leg room for all passengers.


1.Cushions for all thwarts
2. Folding hood over aft deck and thwart.
3. Six fenders
4. Three warps
5. Ensign staff & red ensign
6. Two all over covers – one new in blue and one older in a natural colour
12. Road trailer and lighting board