Ooty – a Flying Finn classic open launch

A 1953 Flying Finn with trailer

Robert J. George and William Kaino established Finnish Yachts and Boats in the early 1950s. Initially it wasstrictly an import business, but then the company began designing and commissioning their own designs which continued to be built in Finland. The 17 footer was called a Bayfin with the smaller Gulfin just 16 feet. The company ceased operation in 1962 so it is rare to find a boat of this brand and quality in the UK.
According to Popular Boating in a 1959 issue the top speed was designed to be 30 mph with a 40 hp engine. Built of african mahogany and pitch pine on oak ribs with lapstrake planking and copper rivets, trim also in mahogany. Priced at $995 including the windshield, floorboards and seat backs. Various extras were also available including covers. The present owners of Ooty have purchased a new cover and trailer which were slightly more expensive at 2016 prices ! The boat weighs 650lbs according to the article but it isn’t clear whether this includes a motor. Whatever the case this is an easily trailable boat which would enable owners to enjoy classic boat events anywhere in Europe.
It will be available for delivery to a new owner in mid July. If you are keen to buy you can view now and put down a deposit so as not to miss out !
For estuary use a larger outboard could be fitted to increase speed. Viewing afloat near Windsor and then at Beale Park boat store in July.
This is a rare mid century classic in good order and would suit someone keen to go boating but without the absolute necessity to have a permanent mooring.