Sundowner – a mini EA style day launch with cuddy

EA style day launch with cuddy

Sundowner is something of a rarity and all the more charming for that. She was built in 1960 by Bushnells of Wargrave who built several of the Environment Agency (Thames Conservancy, then National Rivers Authority) launches and is a smaller version of the typical EA inspection launch. Like these she is also built of double diagonal mahogany below the waterline with a single skin above the waterline. The last owner has kept the boat well since purchase in 2009 from the gentleman who had the rebuild done in 2005/6. Fortunately both owners have been meticulous in their keeping of records so there is a copious file accompanying the sale. There are also masthead navigation lights, deckhead lights, a bell and searchlight. Mooring stakes, fenders, ropes, covers for winter and summer come as part of the package. The boat is powered by a BMC 1500 cc diesel engine with current BSS certification to 2019.
The boat seats six and would suit someone looking for a Broads style day launch with weather protection and plenty of character.
Available for viewing ashore at Beale Park boat store by appointment. Please call the office on 01491 578870