Aquilegia – an electric open launch

A GRP open electric launch with wooden decks and interior

Built in the early nineties by a company based I believe in Kent, Aquilegia was originally named Celadine according to the brass plate by the helm. I seem to remember seeing this company exhibiting at the Greenwich wooden boat show eons ago when I was working for the Steam and Electric Launch Company. The design sports a neat forward deck and a counterstern similar to a Frolic but the boat is beamier and capable of seating 6 with more freeboard than a Frolic 18. Aquilegia, as she is now called, has a GRP hull with varnished wooden decks and interior; the varnish having been refreshed this season along with the antifouling. The boat has a bespoke trailer and is reasonably priced to sell quickly. Available for viewing with a new BSS certificate at Beale Park boat store by appointment with the office. Call 01491 578870 for more information.