Bermuda 505

A modern take on a fifties speedboat, ideal for lakes and rivers.

Abegglen Werft is a well established Swiss family run company which is due to celebrate its 75th anniversary next year. The third generation of boatbuilders is now in charge of running the company. In fact their designs have changed little over the years which is what attracted us to them as they are true classics, albeit now using GRP for the hull construction.

As with all Swiss products you can expect a quality build, delivered on time ! The Bermuda 505 range which comes in two sizes for 5 or 6 passengers. This boat is ideally suited for towing as it weighs in at 250 kgs without the engine so a two wheeled trailer should enable easy towing and storage.

Here at Henley Sales and Charter we pride ourselves on selecting bijou products from other parts of the globe where the builders share our ethos of quality and reliability.
Abegglen build just 10 to 15 boats a year across the range.

The mock clinker fifties style boats are eminently suitable for electric outboard motors. the Bermuda 505 range which comes in two sizes for 5 or 6 passengers.
We can arrange for delivery of your boat to your door in the UK.

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The specification on a standard boat includes the interior as seen in the photos with a weatherproof hood and navigation lights. You can choose the hull colour of course and the type of outboard you require. The engine will be fitted in the UK with a UK manufacturer’s warranty.