Daisy – a traditional double rowing skiff

A double rowing skiff

Daisy is a double skiff built of mahogany on oak with pine floorboards and owned by the same family for many years until HSC was asked to sell her about 5 years ago to the current owner who sadly passed away earlier this year. Daisy was built as a family camping skiff by Peter Bowley in the early nineteen nineties and she is a lovely example of this perennial Thames favourite. Peter Bowley is now retired but was college boatman for several Oxford colleges, maintaining their boats and building lovely skiffs for private customers. The original family who owned the skiff from new told me stories of  frequent and memorable camping adventures on board with their father. There is a caned aft passenger seat which would seat two passengers as well as the two sculling thwarts with movable stretchers. The most recent owner bought the boat to enact the Three Men in a Boat passage on an annual basis with some friends. After paying for a full revarnish to Daisy in 2016/17 he commissioned a smart grey full length cover to turn the boat into a fully fitted camping skiff. The name Daisy is signwritten on either side of the bow. The cove line is painted in green and gold to match. The flooring is a mix of teak gratings and mahogany planking.

Daisy can be viewed at Beale Park boat store.