Doreen – a gentleman’s saloon launch

An Edwardian Gentleman's saloon launch

Doreen is a fascinating launch with the same owner since his purchase of the boat at the Phillips auction in 1991. In the catalogue written by Bill and Penny Rose we read that the boat is a gentleman’s beaver tail cabin launch built of mahogany on oak with steamed timbers at approximately 8 inch centres, white painted hull, blue cove line and waterline, varnished decks, cabin sides and interior. At that time she had a Morris Navigator although it is thought that she may have had an early Pelapone engine if indeed she was built in Arundel in 1913.  She now has a Ford Sea Tiger and cruised effortlessly to our storage facility for winter 2017/18.

The forward cockpit would seat 6 to 8 including the skipper. I particularly like the cosy cabin configuration which eschews the usual train carriage double bench design in favour of horseshoe seating within the glazed cabin. Opening quarter lights and bevelled glass were added early on for the owner and certainly enhance the beauty of the design of the cabin. There is full headroom throughout. Aft of the cabin are louvered doors to an anteroom with a starboard toilet compartment. Although there is no galley the anteroom area is useful for cooler boxes etc. A further door leads to a small aft cockpit which makes locking in and out easy with two people.

There is an excellent full length cover, fenders, warps, ensign and staff which come with the boat.

Initially in 1991 the owner took the boat directly from the sale to Peter Freebody and over the years she has been through the hands of several boatbuilders including more recently the IBTC in Lowestoft and Henwood and Dean. A fat juicy file contains all the various invoices showing her ongoing maintenance over the years. The boat is insured for £70,000 but the owner, desirous of a good owner and a quick sale, is looking for just a tad over half of this sum. Current BSS and EA Thames licence.

In conclusion Doreen is an unusual boat with a century of history. If you are interested in the next decade of ownership please call the office to arrange a viewing on 01491 578870.