Fantail 217 – electric day launch

Low maintenance Edwardian style electric launch

Fantail 217

CEBC offers a slightly beamier alternative to the ever popular British Frolic 21. The yard prides itself on its capability to provide teak or mahogany decking, floor and trims combined with high quality low maintenance GRP moulding techniques.

The electric Fantail 217 is inspired by the graceful fantail launches that have been navigating on the Thames, the Hudson River and Canadian wild lakes for more than a century. A truly remarkable craft. The Fantail 217 can accommodate up to ten guests and will surely attract attention wherever you dock. The Fantail is silent, non-polluting, easy to handle, low maintenance and inexpensive to operate. A recharge for a 220V outlet for a few pennies is all that is needed to enjoy up to 8 hours of safe boating. All CEBC’s boat are equipped as standard with a battery indicator.

The Fantail 217 features a Seamark fabric canopy roof that not only protects from the sun and rain but can also be easily lowered to serve as a tonneau cover when the boat is stored or towed. Zippered roof openings are provided on both sides for easy in-and-out access. Ample storage space is available under decks and seat benches. The canopy can be specified on order to be scalloped or straight for a more contemporary look. Head out to the lake or onto the river with a picnic hamper and a bottle of wine and relax! CEBC has successfully integrated the essence of the traditional fantail into an elegant high performance modern water displacement hull that has low draft and respects strict stability criteria.

Now also available with a full length GRP canopy. To build your boat visit the manufacturer’s website and specify your design. The promo code to ensure a UK discount is 4911. The build time is approximately 45 days plus 15 days for shipping and delivery.

Options include a slide out Portapotti from the bow with curtained privacy shelter. We also offer a bespoke trailer. The table and navigation lights are standard on all boats.

With a wide range of colour options it is possible to specify your very own unique Fantail 217. One showboat currently available in Europe for immediate delivery as of March 2020. Call the office for more information and photos.

Some facts and figures:

Top speed : 11.6 km/h (6.3 knots)
Autonomy on single battery pack : 6 – 8 hours
Capacity :8-10 passengers
Weight :775 Kg (1705 pounds)
Draft : 20 inches

E Propulsion or Torqeedo (see price list)
3.5 KW (4.7 HP)
24 V
56 Amps
72.5 KG (160 pounds)

Click to see builders website or even customize your own boat.