A canopied or cabin GRP launch built to order

The ever popular Frolic 31 was built by the Steam and Electric launch company from 1990 when the 29ft 6ins hull mould taken from a Victorian steam launch, was deemed to be a bit small for 12 passengers. Hence Andrew Wolstenholme was asked to redesign the hull without losing the charm of the Victorian counterstern but with the addition of enough space for 12 and for the addition of a sizeable cabin with galley and loo. The smaller Frolics 18 and 21 have also stood the test of time and are still built to order as well as selling quickly when they come in for resale.

There have been many incarnations based on this hull design some just a simple open boat, others with quite elaborate cabin fit outs. Indeed our very own Midsomer Maiden is a Frolic 31 with a small aft cabin which provides just enough space for a decent loo compartment and a galley for washing up and serving food.

We can give you a price for any layout you require. Just give us a call or drop in for a chat.