Janet, a charming motorised wooden dinghy

Charming clinker dinghy

Janet was built of mahogany on oak in traditional clinker construction and she was originally built as a steam powered launch. She was owned by the Lord Chancellor of Buckingham Palace up until when Llewellyns bought her.
Hull was restored by Peter Freebody in early 2000s. Interior woodwork by Henwood and Dean. Powered by 1950s original Stuart Turner P5M with Dynastart. Serviced by G Mech in 2016. She won the best in class at the trad boat rally in 2015. Well maintained by the current owners who are real traditionalists and have had a series of good classic boats over the years. The legendary Des Pawson made the traditional style rope fenders to complete the picture. There is a trailer, summer cover, cushions and two paddles which enable any owner to keep the boat at home and launch for events. The boat is a member of the Thames Vintage Boat Club and bears a plaque attesting to membership.
BSS to 2020. Viewing on trailer at Beale Park boat store.

A potted history :

‘Janet’ began life as a 12ft Tideway sailing dinghy built c 1950 by L H Walker, of Leigh on Sea, Essex.

She is clinker mahogany planked on oak frames and has a beam of 5ft and draught of 14in. She remained in the ownership of the same family until bought by John and Jeannine Llewellyn in May 2013.

A steam engine was added at some point. Extensive renovations were carried out by Peter Freebody between 1982 and 1993 including work to the steam plant and fitting the mahogany coaming.

In 2003-4 the son of the original owner replaced the steam plant with a Stuart Turner P5M 4hp petrol engine. This was supplied by Fairways Marine and was a rebuild of a 1957 unit. The engine was fitted and renovations were carried out by Henwood and Dean. The engine has an electric starter and electric fuel pump.

Steering is by a brass side wheel through cables attached to a rudder mounted on the transom. She is fitted with a small mast and has copper/brass navigation lights.

A feature of the mahogany engine casing is that the two glazed top-panels can be supported in a horizontal position to form a picnic table.

NB. This little launch is unsuitable for tidal waters as she is water cooled and not adapted for salt water use.