Kitty – SOLD

A level riding Chris Craft deluxe Runabout

Finished in varnish mahogany with chrome trim and V-type sloping windshield. Hull number 18076 and engine number 205580. Her 95hp engine allows her a top speed of 31mph. In 2002 she was capable of 25 knots on a flat lake.

Written on her stern is Kitty of Scarborough in honour of the owner’s mother. A mid-shape engine bay and two cockpits, both of which are large and roomy with high lazybacks, deep cushions and box springs. In the 1930s the equivalent of today’s ‘jet-set’ were keen on fast boats and planes. Kitty is a design very much on that era. When found in 1998 she was in a sorry state as many of the original fastening nails had corroded. Much skill and patience has restored her to better than new condition, although she still retains her original engine.

In July 2001, Kitty was chosen as the transport to take Shirley Robertson, an Olympic Gold medal winner, to her wedding in Cowes.

The engineer diagnosed a porous block. The engine has been run successfully with water pump disconnected and thus no cooling water. No battery is fitted. There is a new fuel tank. The filler requires to be sealed to the tank and the tank itself requires strapping to the hull.