Lady Betty – vintage Admiralty pinnace

Vintage Open River/Estuary Launch

Lady Betty would originally have been a steam launch, in fact an Admiralty pinnace built as she was in Queen Victoria’s reign. She is of double diagonal construction and extremely robust. Exported after one of the Phillips classic boat auctions in Henley on Thames she has been restored in Holland by her current owner. The hull is painted black in contrast to the varnished mahogany interior. There is masses of seating for up to 12 people with a small galley and sink up forward. A canopy could be added to offer some protection from the elements. This boat has had little use and is now once again in the UK and available for viewing at Beale Park boat store.

They don’t make boats like this any more. She is incredibly solid and with a huge amount of seating would make a great canopied launch for entertaining.