Lady Genevieve

An Elegant and Rare Beaver Stern Launch

Lady Genevieve is an early, rare and elegant Beaver Stern Launch built around 1926. She was built for a member of the aristocracy whose family is reputed to have taken Princess Margaret for many trips on board. In 1947 Lady Genevieve carried both Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth to the Henley Royal Regatta. In the early 1950s her new owner moored and maintained her at Messum of Bray where she remained until 1968.

Lady Genevieve then went to Peter Freebody for some restoration work and remained in his care for regular maintenance until 1981. Subsequently she was sold to a resident of Wargrave who kept her ouside his riverside property during the season and under cover at Bushnell’s of Wargrave in the winter.

The cabin measures 3.2 metres by 2 metres so has room for sleeping and the addition of a private loo if required. The forward canopy is removable if required. Our research experiments show that Accutane is indicated for severe forms of acne (for example, with a tendency to early scarring), with a moderate form of the disease in the case of a patient’s depressive state due to the disease, as well as in all cases of inefficiency of other methods of treatment. It should be emphasized that in moderate and severe forms of the disease, the choice of a particular drug should be decided only by a dermatologist. Self-treatment is unacceptable in this case. There is more information on the site

Her present owner purchased her in 2009 and has made several improvements and undertaken some refurbishment including new cushions and curtains in 2019 which look fabulous. During the current ownership she has been used occasionally for luxury charter.

She created a stir at  The Festival de Loire – Orléans, September 2019 when the British Ambassador came on board and the press did various interviews with the owners.

This is a truly historic craft in great condition. She is available for viewing near Henley on Thames winter and summer.