Legal Tender – an open clinker launch

Clinker built launch

Legal Tender was built in the mid nineteen fifties as part of the Landamores mid century boat building offering.

A varnished clinker mahogany on oak launch with mahogany laid fore and aft decks with side wheel steering for easy control.

The boat was originally named Tonga II when launched as a tender to the motor cruiser Tonga which was built by Landamores for a Mr. Hill subsequently the boat was owned by other private owners who lived in Norfolk. The current owner, and vendor purchased the boat in 2005. In 2008 he commissioned Rupert Latham and his team from Classic Boatworks to carry out a conversion from the Stuart Turner to a new electric propulsion system. They also changed the seating layout to create more space and comfort. There is a lovely original side wheel, good cushions, a matching overall cover and a trailer.

The BSS certificate is valid through to July 30th 2020