MAGYAR – Gentleman’s motoryacht for charter

With Magyar we can offer a fantastic opportunity to charter a true classic Gentleman’s Motoryacht on the mid Thames. Full of fabulous period touches with space for 8 guests to dine on deck or below in the spacious saloon she epitomises the fast living glamour of the 1930s.

Magyar is a Medina class Saunders Roe, built in 1938 by this renowned shipyard sometimes known as Saro. She holds Certificate no 2789 on the Historic Ships Register. Magyar is the last of eight Saunders-Roe 45’ Medina class yachts built between 1935 and 1939 and was bought from the yard by Squadron Leader, later Group Captain, RJA Ford CBE.

Other Saunders Roe Medina class yachts were owned by Hubert Broad MBE the chief test pilot of De Havilland and Wing Commander P C Sherren MC, both noted Kings Cup Air Race pilots. Very much the motoryacht of choice for the ‘Fast Set’ !

Magyar is one of the two boats mentioned in period advertisements, Kelvinia being the other. They were built side-by-side in the Saunders Roe yard at Cowes and were advertised throughout 1938 before finally being sold in 1939, almost days before war broke out.

During this same period, Saunders Roe designed and built Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird K3 which took the water speed record at over 130 mph.

Like other Medina class motor yachts Magyar entered war service, commandeered by the Royal Navy in May 1942 she was used for “miscellaneous naval duties”.

Ford managed to reclaim Magyar after the war and kept her until selling her to the Commodore of the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club in 1957.

Saunders Roe never resumed production of private motor yachts after the war leaving the remaining Medina class yachts as some of the finest examples of pre-war Gentleman’s Motor Yachts afloat.

Over the years we have sold several of these exceptional motoryachts here at Henley Sales and Charter to private owners, including Vagabond and Gralian. We are delighted to have Magyar available for private charter whether for sleeping on board with friends in the two separate cabins or for unforgettable days out on the Thames.

Enquire about days at Henley Royal Regatta, Henley Festival of Music and the Arts where you could be moored alongside the action, or indeed the Thames Traditional Boat Festival where you could be a participant on board right at the heart of the action.

Magyar is not available as a self drive boat and will always have a qualified skipper and a member of crew. We would be happy to quote for an on board chef or any kind of suitable catering option.

The boating equivalent of a pre-war Bentley, Magyar has been lovingly rebuilt to provide you with the same experience that her original owners would have enjoyed in the final years of the nineteen thirties. Her modern comforts are well concealed behind varnished teak and oak panelling. Feel free to don your spats and your hats to relive those heady carefree days.