MOST – electric boat for private or fleet use

Sleek, inboard electric boat for up to 11 passengers

Chic, practical and stable, The Most is a larger version of the popular 7 seater Scoop which has been a real winner for HSC as a hire boat. However any of these Ruban Bleu boats are perfect for private owners too with the addition of cushions, a wooden steering wheel, extra storage compartments and a choice of coloured hulls. The Most is designed for 11 passengers with two cockpit areas in the shape of an inverted number 3.With 540 amp hours of batteries and a 24 volt motor the boat has a minimum autonomy of 8 hours at a speed of 10 kph or just over 6 mph.
Trailers, cushions, navigation lights, a navigation screen with LCD read outs are all available. Customise your Most as you please to create a unique vessel to suit your requirements. Call Gillian on 01491 578870 for a test cruise at our Beale Park facility.