Nada – a compact Gentleman’s launch

A compact gentleman's launch for hull restoration

Nada speaks for herself (de nada meaning \”it’s a pleasure\”, or the Arabic meaning the early morning dew on the leaf) and is a compact gentleman’s launch of great elegance. She has a well documented history having been found in the eighties in a derelict state and then brought back to a semblance of nineteen thirties styling by a series of skilled boatbuilders. Brooke Marine were almost certainly influenced by the beaver stern launches which Taylor Bates were making in Edwardian times on the Thames at Chertsey. Out East they were experimenting with different hull shapes in the hope of getting maximum speed out of the recently developed petrol engines. Nada is extremely stable as she flattens out towards the stern below the waterline. She can seat eight forward with the cabin acting as a repository for a loo compartment on the starboard side and seating for 4 as well as useful picnic storage. Available for viewing ashore at Beale Park Barns by appointment.

Nada could be electrified and will reward the person who decides to bring this lovely launch back to the condition you see her in when operating for the Olde Bell in Hurley about 8 years ago.

Call the office for more information on 01491 578870