Pebbles – a composite 4 seater fast launch

Fab zippy fun launch for 4

At Dusseldorf Boat show in the dark days of January, Gillian came upon this exciting German company which epitomises the “Vorsprung durch Technik” so beloved of Top Gear and its fans. Knowing how expensive moorings are becoming, Gillian wanted to introduce a smart boat with a wooden twist which would enable people to launch the boat easily from a basic trailer whenever the sun shone.

The designer and owner of the company, Juergen Volker, builds a range of boats based on Airbus quality components using sustainable woods for veneers and a Lloyds registered sandwich construction which the company guarantees for 3 years. The boats are unsinkable and lighter than a comparable sized RIB. Furthermore the strength of the composite construction is so light at 60 kilos that the Pebbles 3.2 can be lifted onto the top of a car by two adults.

This is the new fun concept to rival the dreaded jetski as with a 20 hp engine the boat will plane at 50 kph and seat four people. However she is equally comfortable for 4 at river or lake speeds.

The added advantage is that with a small engine, either petrol or electric, this boat can be used on any river or lake for a picnic outing.  The seating can be collapsed to form a sunbathing area.

In Classic Boat magazine January 2014 the Pebbles was described as “Fast as a jet ski, light as a beach ball, but cooler than either”.

This boat comes complete with trailer and is as new. The vendors tell us that they have had loads of fun with the boat but now have a larger boat to suit the whole family so reluctantly have brought the boat back to us to sell on to a new owner. The boat is currently at Beale Park boat store for winter storage where she is available for viewing.

The Pebbles launch is a fast trailable four seater with an outboard and remote steering. Ideal for classic boat events of just for having fun on the river.

Call the office for more information on 01491 578870 or download the PDF