Rio – a Gibbs open launch

An exceptional varnished open Gibbs launch

Rio is an exceptional open Thames launch built by Gibbs of Trowlock Island in the mid nineteen thirties. I consider her to be in immaculate order having been maintained for many years by the team at Peter Freebody. She is built of Honduras mahogany on oak with alternating decking using pine and mahogany to create a sort of strawberries and cream effect. The engine is the original Gray’s 6 cylinder which is a masterpiece of engineering and as of 2017 a company in the US has started producing spare parts again so there is no reason to consider a change of engine and she should celebrate her centenary in just over a decade without recourse to a change of engine.

According to an issue of The Motorboat magazine in 1930 this engine would drive a Gibbs launch at 17 mph stretching its 60hp engine to a sustained purr. The launch comes complete with a handbook from the Gray Marine Motor Company in Detroit.

The interior is extremely comfortable with four lloyd loom chairs while the aft bench seats three. Piped cushions in deep pink complement a light burgundy carpet. There is a full pramhood with a cover to conceal and store the latter when not in use.

Current licence and BSS certificate to March 2020.

Please call the office to view on 01491 578870 as the boat is on a private mooring near Henley on Thames.