T/T Cacouna

Complete restoration of a clinker open launch

A charming open clinker launch with bags of character, completely restored in 2014/15 for the current owner having been sold after the HSC Classic Boat Auction. This was a no expense spared restoration which resulted in a complete change of engine substituting a 5 hp Stuart Turner for the original 1.5 hp. The boat is painted white with varnished mahogany decks, engine box and seating. All fittings are brass including a burgee mount on the foredeck. The tiller has a brass tip and slots in to a removable varnished rudder. A leather bag is included holding various tools. Full length cover and storage trailer included. Cacouna would make a good classic tender for a large yacht. A member of the TVBC the boat bears the distinctive white plaque -number 9
BSS certificate to 2018. New road trailer now purchased 2017.