Swift – a Windermere open electric launch

Strip cedar planking/epoxy - light and durable

Swift is a fabulous example of a contemporary classic, built of cedar strip planking and epoxy to create a light and very strong hull as per the Spirit launches which are so popular as luxury sailing boats.

Swift was launched in 2018 at the London Boat Show and since then has been cruising on the Norfolk Broads. The 27ft version of this elegant open launch named a Windermere launch by its builders who are located in a lovely old saw mill just a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Windermere. The boat was redesigned in conjunction with HSC to put the emphasis on space and comfort for all those on board. While the external zen aesthetic appeals to a certain sector of the boating population increasingly our customers are looking for boat interiors with plenty of locker space, room to move around, stability and sociability. The additional 2 ft on the original design length allows for a central console with a lloyd loom chair for the helms person which guarantees support for the back and ease of movement. Additional seating is provided in the bow and stern with the option of a movable table at either end (or both). When not in use the table stows away. A half, three quarter or full canopy could be added if required.
The advantage of this “spirit of tradition” style of building boats is that the weight is lesser than it would be if the boat were simply moulded from fibreglass. The decks and interior woods are a mix of Cumbrian timber featuring cherry, oak and Douglas fir.

A 25 ft and a 30ft version are also available to order. Blue Duck (see photos) is a 25 with a canopy and bespoke fitted picnic basket on the aft deck (not shown here).
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