December 2015 Boating News

Despite it being the middle of December, the charter phone is still buzzing. We have even had a recent charter request from Bollywood !

The news that Elton will be performing on the Wednesday of Henley Festival 2016 threw the office into a frenzied panic. Moorings to secure, tickets to book, memberships to upgrade… […]

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November 2015 Boating News

The appetite for the E type of the river runs on unabated as customers from as far afield as Australia and Dubai contact us to buy “one of those lovely launches with the elegant stern”. Hennerton Queen, pictured, is just one of the many beautiful slipper launches that we currently have for sale.

In the […]

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October 2015 Boating News

Summer is clearly over despite a sunny Autumn and I was lucky enough to enjoy some September sunshine on Lago d’Orta so this newsletter has an Italian theme: Everyone has heard of the Italian lakes and particularly Como and Maggiore but there is a hidden gem just 2 hours from Milan and adjacent to […]

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September 2015 Boating News

We are having a record year for boat sales. Six slippers have already gone, and three more are under offer. Three Dunkirkers are heading off to new owners and sales enquiries are coming in on a daily basis. During August we sold a baker’s dozen – that is nearly a boat every other day. […]

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July 2015 Boating News

With so much happening it is hard to know quite where to start. We had a stonking Henley Royal regatta with plenty of sunshine and our wonderful river scenery beamed around the world for the first time as the racing was filmed from all angles. Next up is the Henley Festival of Music and […]

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June 2015 Boating News

It’s been a long time… Whether it’s the sun, the economy, the elections or the new pension regulations, I know not and frankly, I care not. We are experiencing the same level of interest in both charter and sales as we did in 2006, which was a record year for Henley Sales and Charter. […]

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May 2015 Boating News

Before heading off later this month to join the Dunkirk Little Ships, we have been working hard over at the boat store, getting boats antifouled, cleaned and launched for the season. The lovely weather has led to renewed enthusiasm for boat buying, so we are busy with viewings both on the Thames and elsewhere.

May […]

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April 2015 Boating News

With an early Easter this year there has been a rush to get boats ready for launching and it has been a pleasure to see customers liberally coated in antifouling as they become reacquainted with their beloved boats after six months of abstinence. Luckily the sun has been present for most of the holidays […]

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March 2015 Boating News

Traditional boats appear to be back in fashion as I find myself doing boat viewings on a daily basis. It’s really satisfying to be introducing new customers to the joys of vintage boats, and I hope we will see some new faces at this year’s revitalised TTBR Traditional Boat Festival.

Easter comes early this year […]

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February 2015 Boating News

February is perhaps the month when many of our customers don their sunglasses whether to escape to the slopes or to the winter sun. Here at HSC we are busy with winter work on customers boats and would urge anyone wishing to have work done before the season starts to please make that phone […]

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