January 2015 Boating News

Whether you are braving winter conditions here in the UK or enjoying the winter sun by the sea or on the slopes, you may well be dreaming of spring and boating adventures. In fact busy boatyards along the Thames and nationwide are already preparing for spring.

While most of our readers were digesting their turkey […]

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December 2014 Boating News

So far this winter the river has toyed with the idea of breaking its banks but fortunately has always stopped short of the kind of flooding we saw last year. Riparians must be holding their collective breath every time it rains.

We have been busy sorting out the new offices and as you will see […]

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November 2014 Boating News

Welcome to our new look newsletter which is designed to reflect the branding of our website and to reach as many boating enthusiasts as possible.

Please share it with your friends if you like it and if you don’t please let us know so that we can tweak it for future editions.

We also love to […]

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