So far this winter the river has toyed with the idea of breaking its banks but fortunately has always stopped short of the kind of flooding we saw last year. Riparians must be holding their collective breath every time it rains.

We have been busy sorting out the new offices and as you will see below I have been to Peter Pan land where the palm trees sway and Nelson set up his impressive dockyard.

Toby has continued to get the yard shipshape at Beale Park and has a few thoughts to keep your boat up to scratch during the winter months.

Toby’s top tip for winter maintenance

Toby adding distilled water to battery

If you have an electric boat, make sure you check the electrolyte levels in the batteries! After a hard season of cruising up and down the river, your batteries now need a bit of TLC. Most batteries only require at little bit of distilled water. Check with the manufacturer if you are unsure or give us a call!

Charters in the glorious English winter sun

Midsomer Maiden ready for action

Midsomer Maiden ready for action

Midsomer Maiden is braving the elements and offering winter outings on crisp days when often the river is at its best – cold yes but gloriously sunny and quiet.

We are delighted to be ferrying a wedding party on December 29th between the town and Phyllis Court and word has it that the bride and groom will both be sporting warm items purchased from Boatique in matching colours. I am also told that they have also selected a couple of presents for their new home from Boatique.

Congratulations to Helen and Gareth and if you see Midsomer Maiden bedecked on the 29th, please wave as the wedding party glides by.

Pietra Santa in action

Pietra Santa in action

If you are planning a wedding in 2015 please give us a call sooner rather than later. Pietra Santa is at the Beale Park spa for a deep cleanse and facial and will be sparkling on her mooring at the end of New street in time for spring celebrations.

Charters in the heartwarming Caribbean sun

Germania Nova (left) - Regina (right)

Germania Nova (left) – Regina (right)

On the subject of charter I have been visiting the world’s most impressive charter boats at the Antigua Charter Boat Show just last week. Customers will now be able to charter Regina and Germania Nova through HSC. Both are stunning crewed sailing yachts with engines, great chefs and even on board yoga at sunset (Germania Nova).

There will be more information on the website in January but in the meantime if you are eager to learn more please call me at the office for prices, charter locations etc.

Sycara IV

Sycara IV

The motoryacht which appealed was Sycara IV – a true contemporary classic. However she won’t be heading for Europe in 2015 but if you fancy the Caribbean (and who wouldn’t?) then she could be the right boat for you.

Gillian Nahum (left) - Nelson's Dockyard in all its glory (right)

Broker at large! (left) – Nelson’s Dockyard in all its glory (right)

I can thoroughly recommend eating at Catherine’s Cafe Plage at Pigeon Point near English Harbour if you fancy a change from jerk chicken and johnny cakes. I was also super impressed by Nelson’s Dockyard which has been beautifully preserved. Nelson would have difficulty recognising any of the boats we saw moored there but the buildings are just as he left them centuries ago. Well worth tearing yourself away from the beach for a day to take a look around. While you are in the vicinity there is a great bar and restaurant called Hamilton’s just up the stairs on a cool verandah.

G Whiz

G Whiz

While perusing Superyacht Magazine I spotted a Brooke for sale for under a million pounds. She is named G Whiz and was built by Brooke to a design by the famous Dickie Bannenberg. Surely someone is going to dress in shoulder pads and save this one for posterity. It will surely be a classic one day!

shake n bake

I think we should run a competition in 2015 for the most ridiculous boat name. How’s this one for starters – “Shake’n Bake” as seen in Antigua after a rough Atlantic crossing – I can only imagine that the boat has old engines which offer a rocky ride while you get a healthy lobster tan on the foredeck!

Tune in!

Marlow FM logo

If you have an hour to spare on Thursday 18th December then why not tune into Marlow FM at 97.5 FM on the old wireless or on your desktop on line at You may recognise the dulcet tones of your very own nautical entrepreneur.

Marlow FM broadcasts Biz Buzz twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The conversation is loosely based on current business topics and so promises to be lively as well as entertaining with music tracks chosen by the participants.

Listen to the programme on Thursday 18th December between 2pm and 3.30 to see what I have chosen.

Boxing day shopping at Boatique

Harrods' model Dhow (left) - Boatique's own Riva Aquarama and triple cockpit American runabout (right)

Harrods’ model Dhow (left) – Boatique’s own Riva Aquarama and triple cockpit American runabout (right)

I noticed that Harrods are selling a model dhow with 24 carat gold plated rigging for a mere £26,500. Every sheik should have one in his stocking.

If you prefer a model Riva Aquarama (no gold plating) or a triple cockpit American runabout then do call Boatique as we have a couple in stock looking for a deserving mantelpiece to decorate.

Boatique will be open for a few hours from noon to 4 pm on Boxing Day just in case you find an envelope stuffed with currency delivered from the North Pole and containing just the right amount of krone for a model boat or aeroplane.

I may be lonely so do drop by and say a cheery “hello” if you are out walking the dog and recovering from an overindulgence of festive feasting.

Some dates for your 2015 diary

Henley is always bustling with festivities and events so we can expect a full calendar for 2015 and here it is to help you plan your boating:

 Date Event Location
 28/02 – 01/03 Henley House & Garden Show Various / Town Centre
 12/03 – 22/03 Henley Youth Festival Various
 April TBC Flea Market TBC Market Place
 05/04 Henley Boat Races Regatta site / Temple Island Meadows
 02/05 – 05/05 Henley Arts Trail Various
 19/06 – 21/06 Henley Women’s Regatta Remenham Farm / Temple Island Meadows
 21/06 Henley Triathlon Gillots
28/06 Henley Classic Swim Regatta site
 01/07 – 05/07 Henley Royal Regatta Regatta site
 08/07 – 12/07 Henley Festival Regatta site
 10/07 – 11/07 Henley Masters Regatta UTRC / Temple Island Meadows
 12/07 Henley Mile Swim Regatta site
 18/07 – 19/07 Thames Traditional Boat Rally & Festival Fawley Meadows
20/07 – 26/07 Henley Fringe Various / Town Centre
 25/07 Club to Pub Swim Regatta site
 Summer TBC Twinning Market Market Place
 01/08 Henley Town Regatta Regatta site
 21/08 – 23/08 Rewind Temple Island Meadows
 29/08 Regatta for the Disabled Phyllis Court
 04/09 – 06/09 French Market Market Place
 12/09 Henley Show Hambleden Showground
 28/09 – 04/10 Henley Literary Festival Various
 11/10 Henley Half Marathon Rugby Club
 08/11 Remembrance Sunday Town Centre
 13/11 – 22/11 Brakspear Jazz & Blues Festival Various
 20/11 – 22/11 TBC Christmas Market Market Place
 20/11 Late Night Shopping Town Centre
 01/12 – 24/12 Living Advent Calendar Various
 01/12 – 24/12 Advent Treasure Hunt Various
 04/12 Christmas Festival Town Centre
 06/12Santa Fun Run Mill Meadows


Coming up soon: London Boat Show

EH16 by day (left) - EH16 by night (right)

EH16 by day (left) – EH16 by night (right)

London Boat Show runs from the 9th to the 18th of January at Excel. I will be there on the middle Wednesday and Thursday for the late night opening on the English Harbour Yacht stand where both the 16 and the new 27 will be on display.

Season’s greetings

wishing you a wonderful holiday season

The team at Henley Sales and Charter wishes everyone a very Happy Christmas and plain sailing in 2015. We look forward to seeing you, so when all the relatives have gone home do drop by and visit our new office at 5 Friday Street, Henley on Thames RG9 1AN.