Fantasy II has been one of our popular charter boats for the past couple of seasons. She has a delightful saloon remodelled by Dennetts and able to seat 12 for dinner. Just ideal for rainy days on Windermere. However when Gillian delivered the boat last Friday the sun was searing and boaters obligatory. As the ferries passed the cameras were clicking. Wooden boats turn heads without a doubt. The new owner expects fellow lake dwellers to follow suit and rediscover their lakeland boating history. Borwicks and Shepherds are just two of the famous builders whose boats can still be purchased through HSC.


Satis on Windermere

Satis has a Victorian air about her but the funnel is just an exhaust outlet and she is a lovely example of an iconic gentleman’s launch. Princess Anne was a guest on board Satis and her ancestor King George was a guest on Lady Hamilton during the years the boat was moored at Graythwaite Hall.

Lady Hamilton

Lady Hamilton on the river Ouse

Lorita is another Windermere special, built by Thorneycroft, used for a few years as a luxury charter boat and now privately owned and very much for sale through HSC. One of the joys of wooden boat ownership is the sense of history. We are but custodians for the future and most owners have great pride in maintaining records and on occasion digging deep into the archives to add to a boat’s history.