The sunshine continues to make boating a very attractive pastime this season. Henley Royal Regatta went off splendidly with five days of record breaking rowing, temperatures to match, and an actual royal “rendez-vous” for our very own “Hero”. In the photo above she is getting ready for the outing.

Our good luck continued throughout the week of the Henley Festival. Though we noticed a few less classic boats on the official festival moorings, which was a shame and may have been due to the rather eclectic choice of music on the main stage, on the river there was the usual mix of fireworks and good humour.

Preparation is half the battle



The ideal boat for entertaining at the Festival has to be a gentleman’s launch. If you’d like to get ready to do just that next year, we have some attractive options for sale on our books. We have now sold “Estel”, but “Viola”, “Arabella”, “Archangel” and “Zanzibar” are still looking for a new owner.

Feel free to contact the office to arrange a viewing.



Two birds with one stone

On the subject of festivals HSC took a stand at the Salvo Fair, another brainchild of the inimitable lady Judy McAlpine. We really enjoyed the event and met many customers from past years, as well as introducing the idea of boating to some of the fair’s well heeled customers, who came from far and wide.

Smart Works

The event resulted in two boat sales, and we were able to support one of lady McAlpine’s chosen charities called: Smart Works, when a customer whose boat we were buying to add to our hire fleet, requested that we pay the charity rather than her.

Smart Works is a UK charity whose aim is to give women the confidence, the self belief and the practical tools they need to get back into the work place.

HSC’s new recruit

Talking about women in the workplace, HSC is delighted to welcome Ellie straight from the Lyme Regis boatbuilding academy. She is clearly extremely talented, and her work at the academy has resulted in her gaining a position as junior boat builder at HSC.

Ellie preparing to caulk a hull (left) - Ellie's own creation, built during her boat building course (right)

Ellie preparing to caulk a hull (left) – Ellie’s own creation, built during her boat building course (right)

Ellie built the boat in the photo above (right) with some help from the Lyme Regis Boatbuilding School, where she has just completed a 9 month course to realise her dream of becoming a boatbuilder.

She has joined our team at Beale Park as a junior boatbuilder and is currently helping our subcontractor Tony to work on “Tarbes II”. “Daisy”, a lovely double skiff awaits rubbing down and revarnishing. This will be Ellie’s first solo job and we look forward to watching her progress.

A nautical book recommendation

The Beach House by Jane Green

In case you are feeling bereft of boaty news as we give you a summer break from the HSC newsletter, you could pick up a copy of The Beach House by Jane Green. Good summer reading. If you have any suggestions for interesting books associated with boats, rivers, cruising etc. please send them to

Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Thames Traditional Boat Festival

We shall be at the Thames Traditional Boat Festival on Fawley Meadows, Henley-on-Thames on Friday, Saturday and Sunday till late as this is always a fun event for exhibitors and visitors alike. Hopefully we shall see some of you there.

The Traditional Boat Festival is growing year on year under its new management. Expect fab cars and aeroplanes, as well as the usual array of shining varnish. There will be no shortage of excitement with loads of good food and music on land, and the traditional illuminated parade on water.

"Måken" today and in bygone years

“Måken” today and in bygone years

Our “Måken” will be on show at the festival along with “Oleanda” and “Peggy Sue”.

“Måken” has been with us for just a year and is one of the most interesting boats to appear in our yard. Above are a few scenes from her present and past.

Who will offer her a future in the warmer climes of central or southern Europe? She is a hardy lass from a famous pre-war Norwegian builder. For more information or to make an offer, please take a look at the website and give Gillian a call on: 01491 578 870.



Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

Remember the summer is still in its infancy, and we have the above and other boats ready to launch if you are spending the holidays in the UK and want to get afloat.




Should you have the urge without the cash then PureBoating offers 4 electric hire boats, 12 hours a day from the Wallingford Boathouse. We are teaming up with Salvadors Deli to offer delicious picnics which can be ordered in advance via the website. There are even turquoise ponchos for sale which double as groundsheets, so don’t let a couple of raindrops spoil your outing.

Online booking on our new website will be live from July 20th with occasional special offers, so visit and enjoy the tranquillity of the lovely Goring and Wallingford reaches. A full day will take you to Days Lock for a walk into Dorchester or down to Beale Park. Prices from £50 per hour.

Sex-change on the Great Ouse river


The popularity of the French boats both for hire and for personal use is such that we have sold “George” to an owner in Cambridgeshire. En route “George” underwent a sex-change and is now cruising the Great Ouse as “Kate”. Another scoop is on order for a riparian restaurant in York.

Thank you from Alexander Devine

"Huge thanks for the wonderful donation following the sale of your client’s boat." ~ Alexander Devine Children's Hospice Service

“Huge thanks for the wonderful donation following the sale of your client’s boat.” ~ Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service

We also recently supported the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service, when a customer whose boat we were buying to add to our hire-fleet requested that we pay the charity rather than her.

Thank you Brenda for your generosity. Many people will now enjoy taking out your little Frolic 18 from the Leatherne Bottel restaurant in Goring.

Pirate Pizza

If the Leatherne Bottel is beyond your budget, how about a wood fired pizza from Pirate Pizza based on a narrow boat currently touring the Thames and photographed here in Henley last week.

Keep an eye on our website for new boat listings and on our Instagram or ring Gillian if there is something you are specifically seeking.