As the sun rises higher in the sky and we approach the summer solstice, our thoughts naturally turn to holidays. Maybe you like to enjoy England in the summer; I certainly do, but at the same time here I was last weekend on Brighton beach looking out to sea, thinking that maybe setting off from England’s south coast in search of fresh French seafood would also be an exciting prospect.

Seafaring vessels

Cruise the seas with our "Roly" - a Rampart 48.

Cruise the seas with our “Roly” – a Rampart 48.

Beautiful "Pindaric" - who can be taken out to sea.

Beautiful “Pindaric” – who can be taken out to sea.

New to our brokerage list are “Roly”, a Rampart 48 and “Pindaric”, both capable of extensive cruising.



I remember selling a beautiful Saunders Roe, “Gralian”, several years ago to two writers, whose column appears in Classic Sailor magazine, where they describe their journey around the Med.

Mind that paddle!

We all know that the owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat.

"Chaffinch" at the Traditional Trad Boat Rally 2016.

“Chaffinch” at the Traditional Trad Boat Rally 2016.

The only pea green boat around these parts is the former Norfolk Broads conservancy launch “Chaffinch”. She was a late entry to the Beale Park Classic Boat Auction. Peter Sparrow, the auctioneer, did his best to encourage bidding but paddles were not waved as enthusiastically as we would have hoped.

However “Belle Epoque” sold to one of our eager serial boat owners, and the elegance of a last minute entry, the Andrews slipper launch “Anguilla”, won over a Southampton based business man, who now has a river boat on the Thames. He tells me that he popped his head into the auction with no intention of purchasing a river boat, but it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. If you see Melvin go by, please give him a friendly wave.

Happy customer on "Tiffin".

Happy customer on “Tiffin”.

As always at this time of the year, we have an enticing selection of slipper launches for sale. Here is a photo of “Tiffin” leaving her mooring for pastures new on a beautiful sunny Friday evening. What a great way to start your weekend.

My Bonny lies over the Ocean

If your Friday evening finds you on the other side of the Atlantic, you could visit Rhode Island’s Ocean House Hotel in Watch Hill, with its sweeping ocean views.

"Aphrodite" Watch Hill - formerly owned by the Ocean House Hotel.

“Aphrodite” Watch Hill – formerly owned by the Ocean House Hotel.

Its best boat “Aphrodite” was launched in 1937 for Long Island financier Jock Whitney, and once hosted Fred Astaire, Spencer Tracy, Laurence Olivier and Katharine Hepburn for summer day cruises.

Two Andreyale commuter style motor yachts

Two Andreyale commuter style motor yachts

Ocean house also owns an Andreyale 33 built by our French partners from La Rochelle, Latitude 46. I would be happy to accompany any potential customer for a commuter style launch to the factory, and for a seafood fest in one of the tempting harbour side eateries on the Ile de Re.

"Shirley Temple" is looking for a new owner

“Shirley Temple” is looking for a new owner

While we are name dropping, I just thought to mention that Shirley Temple also celebrated her birthday aboard Aphrodite. Guess what? Shirley Temple’s namesake in the shape of a mini slipper launch has just come on the books at the bargain price of £13,950. She comes complete with hood, cover and trailer. If you don’t fancy the idea of a classic Stuart Turner engine then she could be electrified.

Hot on our books

"Lola" (left) - a Windermere 27 (right)

“Lola” (left) – a Windermere 27 (right)

At Beale Park Boat show we were showcasing a brand new electric Windermere 27, electrified by Henley Technical Services. She graced our pontoon alongside the Duchy 21 and the 17ft Scoop.

The Scoop has gone to her new owners on the river Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire and is now called “Kate”. While “Lola” the Duchy 21, or the Windermere 27 could still be yours next week. Just ring me at the office on: 01491 578870 for a chat.

A UK exclusive!

"Broadwave" - a PTS 26

“Broadwave” – a PTS 26

Talking of new boats, our Dutch partners, Statement Marine, are delivering their first export to the UK this coming week. Broadwave is the first PTS 26 to arrive in the UK. This is a keenly priced attractive weekender which harks back to the 1930’s Swedish Petterson designs.

Salvo Fair – Meet us there

Salvo Fair 2017

Salvo Fair 2017

This weekend (23-25th June) HSC will be exhibiting for the first time at the Salvo Fair on Fawley Hill. Apparently the theme this year is sustainability. What could be more sustainable than a wooden boat? It comes from a tree and is eminently repairable and recyclable.

If you decide to check out this fair, which looks like a lot of fun, please come and say “Hello” to Alastair, who’s back with us for the summer, and will man our stand throughout the weekend.


We promised to tell you when the new website is live, so here is the link. We hope you like it.

If you would like to hire a boat for a few hours, do book in advance as weekends are very busy and we don’t like to disappoint our regular customers.

Tio and Alix manning our kiosk - expect Gallic charm in Wallingford

Tio and Alix manning our kiosk – expect Gallic charm in Wallingford

On site and on the end of the charter phone: 07436 812508, you will speak to Luke, Alix or Tio.

Skippered charter

As the charter season swings into action we thought we would end this month’s newsletter with a mouth watering photo of an afternoon tea served by Time for Tea on Midsomer Maiden.

"Midsomer Maiden" tea party

“Midsomer Maiden” tea party

For skippered charter call Gail in the office. With her customary charm she will deal with your enquiry in her warm and efficient manner.

Keep an eye on our website for new boat listings or ring Gillian if there is something you are specifically seeking.