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We have moved office up the road from 54 Friday st. so the boat sales and charter business is now an integral part of the Boatique retail business. You can buy your boat, your deck shoes, a striped sweater, an anorak and even a model propellor for your office, all under one roof.

Come on Friday 21st November anytime before 8 pm and enjoy bubbles at Boatique.

The last newsletter was full of the joys of summer but now the autumn leaves are well and truly golden and the boats are mostly tucked up for the winter months. September found me out and about visiting boat shows and getting excited about the new English Harbour 27 which was launched at Southampton Boat Show.

English Harbour 27 well received at Southampton Boat Show


Some shots of the EH27 at the Southampton Boat Show

September saw the launch of the EH27 at Southampton Boat Show. This beautifully designed craft was well received by the public and the press alike. If I had to own a GRP boat it would surely be one of these. It feels so much more spacious than its 27 feet would suggest both below and in the superb cockpit area. Adam, the interior designer, seems to have thought of everything from a full height shower to a drinks fridge below the helmseat and every aspect of the build appears to be of the highest quality.

We are very much looking forward to the sea trials on the Solent from Bucklers Hard. Please call the office to make an appointment between the 1st and 15th of December. The boat will then be heading for London Boat Show and I will definitely be in attendance for the Thursday of late night opening.

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show

Cockwells Monaco Yacht Tender

Cockwells Monaco Yacht Tender

Talking of boat shows – I headed down to the sunny south of France for the Monaco Yacht Show. My main reason for going was to see the tender area of the show and to say “bonjour” to Dave and Jo Cockwell. They have found the show to be a good source of leads for new builds and were displaying their chic British tender which is for sale on the HSC website. It would make any owner proud whether as an adjunct to a superyacht or simply as a gorgeous 12 seater for darting between exotic islands. To be honest there was not a great deal to spark my interest in Monaco although the new Monaco Yacht Club is stunning and well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area enjoying some winter rays.

Our Turkish boating adventure

Gulet being built

A gulet being built the traditional way

In order to recuperate from all this jet setting, and to reconnect with reality, Steve (happy owner of Le Ketchup and all round good guy) accompanied me for 10 days in the Turkish sunshine with good friends on board a gulet. If you have never been on a gulet holiday then do consider it. From the moment you step on board wonderfully tasty food awaits, cosy cabins, a daily dose of sunshine and no decisions need to be made other than which bay to explore by kayak.

We had a super captain who navigated between Symi, a Greek island, and the Turkish mainland with great aplomb (some skippers refuse to take guests to Greece which is a great shame as it is an exciting trip and well worth the extra mileage). We were lucky enough to be taken to his home port and around his brother in law’s boatyard where the ancient boatbuilding techniques are still very much alive.

Villa Pirate, Bozborum Turkey - Floating exhibits at the Koc museum - Istanbul Turkey

Villa Pirate, Bozborum Turkey – Floating exhibits at the Koc museum – Istanbul Turkey

Our Turkish odyssey ended with a couple of days in Istanbul where we visited a submarine and a whole host of other exciting floating exhibits at the Koc museum. If you are in the area it is a must for boat lovers and can be reached by public ferry from the main city centre dock.

Logistically speaking

Toby delivering a Riva Florida to Lake Windermere

Toby delivering a Riva Florida to Lake Windermere

Back here on the Thames Toby has been moving boats to Beale Park for winter storage. We are full again this year and our man Jim is busy with the varnish brush for a number of our customers. For larger projects we are collaborating with several Thames yards. Naiad Errant has been sold to a gentleman from Cumbria so she awaits new engines at Dennetts while a Riva Tritone is with Colin Henwood for several coats of shiny varnish.

Toby is delivering a Riva Florida to Lake Windermere as I write. She is going to a new customer who has bought no less than 4 classic boats this year. Let’s hope he is a trend setter and that Lake Windermere, Derwentwater and Ullswater will enjoy an ever increasing fleet of traditional beauties.

Traditional Boat Festival returns to Henley in 2015


There is good news for boat owners all over the country as we now know for sure that a new Traditional Boat Festival will take place in July 2015. This is always a great opportunity for owners to polish up their stanchions and fettle their carburettors. There are prizes to be won and amazing photos to be taken. So please don’t hesitate to ask your boatbuilder for an extra coat of varnish this winter in anticipation of showing off in Henley on Thames next summer.

Boats of the month

MADA - a Dunkirk Little Ship (left) and JOMARNA - a Chris Craft cruiser US import (right)

MADA – a Dunkirk Little Ship (left) and JOMARNA – a Chris Craft cruiser US import (right)

Nor is it too late to purchase a boat with next summer’s festivities in mind. The website is brimming with exciting classic boats. We still have a couple of Dunkirk Little Ships for sale including Mada. No one is sure whether Jomarna was present at Dunkirk but she was certainly in the UK and on the Thames having been imported from the US as one of two Chris Craft cruisers in 1935.

Recently rehomed by HSC

Ferry Nymph's arrival at her new home

Ferry Nymph’s arrival at her new home

Talking of Dunkirk Little Ships introduces our new section on “New homes for old boats”. Sometimes boats are sold and they just disappear from the website. So we thought it would be interesting to mention the new home of one such boat in each edition of our newsletter.

Ferry Nymph, a venerable Dunkirk Little Ship which we recently sold, had been around the Suffolk coast for many years first as a fishing trawler and then as a private boat. She returned to Dunkirk on several occasions. Well now she belongs to a hotel in Scotland where she is being fitted out for use on the loch for fine dining. She has a particularly suitable design with a large canopied deck area.

Why not plan a trip to Kilcamb Lodge and enjoy a gastronautical outing on Ferry Nymph next summer. The web address is www.kilcamblodge.co.uk and it describes itself as “A Small Luxury hotel in Scotland, Kilcamb Lodge is set in 22 acres of peaceful loch side meadow and woodland, for you and your dog to enjoy.”

Don’t miss the boat

Beautiful Jobelle in action on the river Thames

Beautiful Jobelle in action on the river Thames

If you have a wedding in the family or any special event next spring and summer why not consider chartering a boat for the Traditional Boat Festival or indeed for any of the 2015 summer events. HSC has its usual array of interesting craft suitable for any occasion whether it’s a picnic or a special birthday.

Jobelle will be our only self drive boat and the only slipper stern launch available for rental on the Thames. It’s never too soon to make a reservation so please give us a call if you would like to pencil in a particular date.

Late night shopping at the new Boatique

Join us for hot toddies at 5 Friday street (Henley-on-Thames)

Join us for hot toddies at 5 Friday street (Henley-on-Thames)

Finally as the end of year festivities draw near and the nights lengthen do consider dropping by for nautically themed gifts and clothing at Boatique. We look forward to welcoming you to 5 Friday st where the postcode is RG9 1AN. This is the most interesting street in Henley, unencumbered by the multiples and blessed with the ever popular cafe Hot Gossip.

Until the end of December we will be open 7 days a week with late night shopping on November 21st, December 5th, 12th and 19th. There will be hot toddies and good cheer as well as smart wrapping for your gifts from £5 to £500 (or you could of course just buy a boat!)