Here at Beale Park HQ we have been looking after the beautiful Henwood and Dean yacht tender/private launch for a year. While we enjoy her regal presence we recognise that it is time for her to move on and rediscover the joys of cruising, whether at sea or in a more genteel setting on our very own River Thames. Hence we have decided to name her “Henrietta” in recognition of Colin Henwood and his team’s fantastic craftsmanship and as such she will be available for viewing at the Beale Park boat show the first week in June. The price is similar to the asking price of a 30ft slipper stern launch at Peter Freebody and less than that being asked by Fine Wooden Boats for their new slipper launch. Admittedly these are very fine launches but here, in addition to acres of gleaming varnish you have comfortable seating for ten, a bow thruster, a fridge, air conditioning and the opportunity to cruise lakes and harbours worldwide at up to 30 knots. For more information please call the office on 01491 578870.tender