Down at Beale Park boat store we are busy rebuilding our maintenance workshop and installing a tea room – very important to keep everyone happy and teed up for action (horrible pun). The main action this winter is electrification with several projects on the go. Our electronics engineer teamed up with Stuart last week to do some drag testing on a slipper launch on the lake to ascertain the best propellor/motor combination for a propulsion swap. They managed to find a gap in the clouds and using a combination of a GPS for the speed and a spring balance (looks like something you would use to weigh a fish) they were able to specify the right power and propellor combinationMallardP1070017er .

A couple of weeks ago Alex, Alastair and Stuart were putting the new electric mallard through its paces too. With a water cooled Vetus unit she had a decent turn of speed and good maneouvrability.